Girls With Swords

Girls With Swords

My sons opted out of Halloween this year (well, sort of). The 14 y.o. dressed as a “disaffected teenager”, the 12 and 9 y.o. dressed as their older brother. The 7 y.o. has sensory issues and doesn’t dress up.
But my girls… my girls did it up. The big one went as a “dragon fighting knight” or Joan of Arc, depending on who asked. The little one, a blood thirsty pirate. In solidarity, I went piratey too.
When we were all done up it occurred to me – all the girls have swords!
Now, I know that as a Quaker and a pacifist I should be bothered by this. I should probably never have strapped on that sword, or allowed them to.
But here’s the thing, I kinda think we rocked. Given the choice, with no input from me, my girls chose to haul out their brother’s old costumes and fantasize about being someone who kicks butt and takes names, rather than someone who looks cute and requires rescuing. They were fierce in costume as they are fierce in life.
Girls with swords… finally some tangible proof that this Mama is getting some things right.


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